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lol i want to ask something

Posted by LittleCuteCorpse - April 26th, 2018

I have been posted the videos for about 1 years now but I have got only a few review and suggestion.
Also, I got some fans .. of course, you but it looks like there is nothing appear that what's the thing make you follow me. nothing, silent
(It really looks like ghost fan )
So, I want to know what the thing in my video make you like and 
do you have any suggestion so I can improve the content 


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It's hard to get reviews, even content that reaches over a hundred views may have no comments, but don't worry, in one year you've earn 17 fans, in 3 years I've got 5...

For sure they are no ghosts (at least mostly not), they look your content and vote it, but maybe they don't have anything to say, because you're already a good animator, I've been looking your movies, good job.

Your fan base will grow up, especially if you use other social media like Youtube, Instagram, etc.

yes thank, In youtube platform, I once got about 400 sub and terminated because
the community strike (child abuse,sexual content,scam) from the same video i post here

Well I haven't seen much of your stuff so far, I think, but maybe the descriptions have something to do with it? If you interact with the community they're more likely to interact back. ,) Otherwise it's true it takes some time and effort to get a base of viewers. Some seem to nail the genre/style right away, or find a new niche, or really bond with the viewers, and get a quick rise, but for most it' a long process. Will keep this in mind when I leave reviews in the future though, maybe there's some clues there... good luck!


Hey, one note: I think only linking to your YT channel in descriptions might give people the impression you don't care about their reviews here, just want them all to follow the link. That's the impression I've been getting from similar descriptions, anyway. :) Could be a start.

I think I have edited the description already
But some video I still have not edited it yet but thank for tell me

Ah, good to know, just thought about that on the Inhumane: Technical one you recommended earlier. Sure thing!

You work is weird and I like weird stuff. Also even though your torture animation areinsalubrious,I want to support you since your YT channel was deleted,so you can post one day the same kind of thing without beeing banned by YT staff.

Hello thx for support
But what is your support ?

They may not post because of the desc not having anything to discuss. The video is great, but just saying "Great" in a comment doesn't seem worth time. I suggest asking in the description what they liked, mentioning certain things, and that. What I like about your videos is the adorable characters mixed with the intense gore, kinda like happy tree friends. The only improvement really is to give a little explanation to the other characters, not just Rinny :3

ok thx



im not a ghost

@CrisTheGamer @LittleCuteCorpse youtube is a very different place

i haven't watched all of them but the gore isn't bad infact it does it's job FREAK ME OUT!! but the voice acting eh, i am ok with the text boxes and the grammar is not the best but i like what the story is because not too many things take up the cute and horrible with a well though out story. i don't like how 1 or 2 episodes have like almost no story. Overall it is alright but needs more polish. note i hae only watched up to technical 1

Take a while to make a animation and some people like and others no. i try give you some ideas for you not stop be a animator because you are my 2 favorite animator :D